James Trotman

Nationality: GBR Height: 175cm Age: 20
Course BA (Hons) Economics
College Sidney Sussex
University Cambridge
Status Undergraduate
Role Cox

Boat Race History

  • 2023 – Cambridge Women’s Blue Boat

About James:

Why did you choose BA (Hons) Economics?

Economics gives a great mix of qualitative and quantitative skills in an interesting and continually relevant context

Why did you first try rowing?

It was vey much a thing that everyone at school tried as we had excellent facilities and coaches. I stuck with it for the competitive element and friendships

Who introduced you to the sport of rowing?

Doug Perrin at St Paul’s School Boat Club

Where else have you rowed?

British Rowing, CUBC, Jersey Rowing Club

What are your proudest rowing achievements?

Winning the 77th Women’s Boat Race in 2023,
Winning Silver at the 2022 U19 World Rowing Championships in the M8+,
Winning the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup at HRR 2022 with SPSBC

Do you have a favourite Boat Race? Which one and why?

2023 Women’s Blue Boat Race – phenomenal crew and full commitment to the tactical move at Hammersmith to break Oxford and send us over 4 lengths clear

2023 Goldie-Isis Race in a close 2nd – absolutely brutal race, ultimate show of grit and determination

What would winning The Boat Race mean to you?

Winning in 2023 was the most amazing feeling. With only a handful of returners, winning again would be the ultimate validation of the hard work, facilities, and squad culture that we’ve build up over time, so would be so much more than a personal / single crew success

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